Eighth investment – Crowdinvesting Companisto Mineko

In the latest newsletter of Companisto I came across the investment possibility of Mineko. Compared to the subordinated loan of Hundemaxx, Mineko offers a profit-participating subordinated loan.

Mineko was founded in 2014 and offers the checking of the additional property expenses invoices for tenants. Since the foundation the company checked 4’500 invoices and is expanding rapidly. The business model is based on a success fee of 35% of the amount paid back to the tenants. From my point of view this should be a good ice breaker to use the service as the customer only pays when he receives a refund. Besides that Mineko is working with auditing firms which gives them access to business customers.

The investment has a basic interest rate of 1%. Additionally the company offers a performance based increase of the interest depending on its yearly earnings. Besides that there is also an additional interest increase in case of an exit event that depends on how much of the company is sold. The minimum investment duration is 7 years. I invested € 5.00 as the duration is quite long an the returns are quite insecure compared with the subordinated loan.