Fourth investment – Crowdlending Companisto Hundemaxx

While screening lots of crowdfunding platforms for the overview spreadsheet I found an interesting opportunity on Companisto, one of the first platforms in Germany. Compared with other platforms like Seedmatch or Innovestment, Companisto allows to invest as little as € 5.00 per project. For me this is quite attractive as it is possible to only invest a little amount into a project that might yields to a nice return but is highly risky. To handle all the small investors it is mandatory to sign a pooling and carry agreement, so it is easier for the company invested in to have clean structures. In case of an event that needs a vote from the investors, Companisto provides the technology for the voting process and then communicates the results back to the startup. This might be helpful if the startup raises money from a venture capital fund or other investors. Today, Companisto provides basically two possibilities to invest: the equity-based model in the form of a profit-participating subordinated loan and the lending-based model in the form of a subordinated loan – also called venture loan – with fixed interest.

Profit-participating subordinated loan

In this case the minimum investment duration is 7 to 8 years. The basic interest rate is 1% that is to be paid at the end of the investment time. As the name states the investor participates, according to the loan agreement, in the increase of the company value. The loan is paid back completely at the end of the investment duration.

Subordinated loan

Here the minimum investment duration is 3 to 4 years. The fixed interest rate is up to 8% that is paid semi-annually.

During the screening of the projects I found the investment opportunity of Hundemaxx. The company offers a subordinated loan with 8% interest and 4 years duration. Hundemaxx is not a classical startup. The company opened its first shop 10 years ago in Nuremberg. A second shop exists for 2 years in Munich. Complementary to the bricks-and-mortar shops the company also sells via the Internet. With the money provided Hundemaxx prepares the improvement of the existing shops and web shop as well as the expansion into other cities. The EBIT generated by the company for 2015 is € 170’000. This shows that the business model is working and is likely to be able to be accelerated.

As the numbers and the business model look promising and sustainable I will invest € 25.00. Additionally I subscribed for the Companisto newsletter of to find new investment opportunities.